Carpet Stream Cleaning

Has your plush and attractive carpet worn out and started looking dull?

Sadly, your soft carpet can lose its beauty over time and trap a ton of dust, bacteria, and dust mites. However, a steam cleaning treatment from Get It Fix Cleaning Services, can easily help your carpet regain its luxurious look and comforting touch. We are here to protect and extend the life of your precious carpet with our powerful equipment and risk free cleaning solutions. Our exclusive and intensive steam cleaning process breathes life into your carpet and allows it to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Not only that, our eco friendly chemicals and patented compounds are highly effective in removing any unpleasant odours, allergens and bacteria.

Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Process


Before, we start with the steam cleaning, we vacuum the carpet in two directions, first in one direction followed by a round at a 90-degree angle. Vacuuming in different directions ensures that each side of the thread in the carpet gets thoroughly cleaned. After that, a pre-spray is applied to alleviate the surface tension of the carpet. Thus, hot water gets easily penetrated into the fibres, allowing for a profound clean.


The next step involves using our powerful steam cleaner, which forces hot water into the carpet using a high-pressure jet spray, and removes water and dirt from the carpet with its constant force of suction.


The steam cleaner effectively removes dirt from the carpet, but to remove those nasty stains, we treat your carpet with our strong and non toxic stain removal solution. This restores the natural, clean appearance of your carpet and prevents it from matting, fading or fraying. 

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